Locations of Interest

Locations of Interest in Vienna

Palais Todesco: The palatial home of the von Todesco family. It was constructed from 1861 to 1864 and designed by famed architect Theosphil Hansen. It is located on the Vienna Ringstraße, a great ring boulevard. The Palais contains over five hundred rooms and is used by the Baroness von Todesco to host one of the most famous salons in Austria.

Café Schwarzenberg: A cafe on the Ringstraße which offers tasty strudels, coffees and hot chocolates, and lovingly crafted lunches. The Café is popular among businessmen and civil servants and is open for breakfast and lunch but not dinner.

The Wurstelprater: This amusement park, located in a corner of Wiener Prater (Park) is one of Vienna's most famed and loved attractions. Visitors to the Wurstelprater can play carnival games, eat at restaurants, rent a boat, tour the Donau river, or ride the carousel. The Wurstelprater is open from nine in the morning until two in the evening during the summer months. Admission to the park itself is free, though the attractions charge their own fees.

Duchess Elisabeth

The Duchess Elisabeth is the world's first Babbage Engine-controlled locomotive. In addition to the state of the art technology which allows the it to be controlled via "mechanical brain", the train has also been boasted to be a "cruise ship on the rails", with rich foods and Pullman-style sleeping cards for passengers. The Duchess Elisabeth travels along a newly constructed expressed route between Paris, Munich, and Vienna and is capable of making the trip from one end to the other in just over two days.

Flying Platform

Anton Dire's Flying Platform is a marvel of technology. Powered by a radium engine, the aerial machine achieves elevation with the aid of four adjustable gas bags, which can control pitch, and locomotion using two propellers mounted on either side. A squadron of six ornithopters stand ready to be deployed from the underside of the vessel. The Flying Platform also comes equipped with two bomb racks as well as a large gatling gun.

Locations of Interest

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