A Word on the Practice of Magick

Players with Dramatic Characters capable of Magick should be aware of the following:

  • All Sorcerers know the Cantrips and Warding Spells listed on page 91 of Comme il Faut.
  • All Sorcerers know the Create Focus Spell as described on page 128 of Book of Sigils but may not start out with a Focus.
  • All Sorcerers know the Create Familiar Spell as described on page 26 of Curious Creatures. They may begin play with a Familiar is so desired but must take an additional Poor Ability for the purposes of balance.

New Lore

The Skull of Saint Nicholas

Prepared Spells

Sorcerers can determine the prepare a Spell ahead of time by setting Definitions, Gathering Power, and them anchoring the Spell knot they form to a material object. The rules governing this are as follows:

  • The Sorcerer sets the Definitions as normal with one exception (defined below). In many cases these Definitions must be set broadly so the Spell can be used in unexpected circumstances. For example, a Sorcerer going into a dangerous situation might prepare a Spell doing psychic damage to a target in advance. Not knowing who the potential target could be, the Sorcerer chooses "Subject Totally Unknown to You" (+4 TER) for the Familiarity Definition.
  • Prepared Spells have an additional Definition which normal Spells do not. In addition to 'how long does the Spell last', Sorcerers must also define 'how long will the Spell remain anchored to the item'. This adds TER at a cost of +1 per day.
  • A Sorcerer can prepare multiple Spells in this method but the sum TER cost of the prepared Spells cannot be higher than their Sorcery total x3. For example, a Sorcerer with Good Sorcery (6) can prepare a single Spell which requires 18 Thaumic Energy Units, two spells which require 10 and 8 Thaumic Energy Units accordingly, and so forth.
  • The Sorcerer must have the anchor item in hand in order to deploy the Prepared Spell. If the item is inaccessible the Spell cannot be deployed.
  • Once it is anchored to an item, a Prepared Spell can be deployed by another Sorcerer. To do so, they must achieve a Full Success on a Sorcery Feat against a difficulty equal to the Sorcery Ability of the Sorcerer who prepared the spell.

Example: Sister Joan is about to head into the woods, searching for the Jabberwock. She knows she might run into some of the creature's crazed victims and decides to create a Prepared Spell, Cast Out the Other (base TER of 8), just in case. She anchors it to a Bible. With the Spell, she can cure such an unfortunate soul. First, SIster Joan sets the Definitions of the Spell:

  • Duration: Momentary (+1). The Spell only has to last long enough to repair the mental damage.
  • Duration: One Day (+4). The Spell will remain anchored to Bible for 24 hours.
  • Elements/Tasks: One Element (+1). The mind is complex but curing it is a single task.
  • Range: Touching (+1). The Spell requires Sister Joan touch the victim with her Bible.
  • Number of Subjects: 1 person (+1). Sister Joan will only be able to cure one person.
  • Type of Subject: Mortal (+1). She assumes any victims she meets will be human and not Fae or a Dwarf.
  • Familiarity of Subject: Totally Unknown (+4). Sister Joan can't be sure any victim she finds will be someone she knows.

The total (8 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 4) is 21. She has a Sorcery of Great (8) which reduces the TER from 21 to 13,which is less than the 24 TER she can have invested in Prepared Spells at one time. She Gathers the Power and anchors the Spell to her Bible.

A Word on the Practice of Magick

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