Z. A Listing of Minor Characters

A listing of interesting people encountered during the campaign.


Guests at the Todesco Masquerade Ball

  • Theodor Billroth : Professor of surgery at the University of Vienna and a practical sorcerer who specializes in healing magic but belongs to no order. He performed the world’s first esophagectomy in 1871.
  • Ludwig Boltzman : Professor of mathematics and the University of Vienna. A physicist in his early 30s.
  • Anton Bruckner : Professor of music at the Vienna Conservatory. A humble man in his 50s known for his radical compositions.
  • Countess Bertha Kinsky : A well educated woman in her early 20s with radical ideas concerning politics.
  • Frederick von Amerlin : A famous portrait painter and owner of Gumpendorf Castle. He is in his mid-70s and married to his third wife, Emilie Heinrich.

Crew Members Aboard Dire’s Flying Platform

  • Heinrich von Klemph: Commander of the Trevanian Aerial Marine Squad, stationed aboard the platform. He is known to carry chocolates and to be a man of honor.
  • Joseph von Stein: Engineer assigned to oversea the mechanics of the flying platform. He is known to enjoy opera and has a lovely singing voice.

Z. A Listing of Minor Characters

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