Count Iglio Cagliostro

Fiendish mastermind specializing in diabolical clockwork.


In truth, Iglio Cagliostro has no true claim to the title of count but is, instead, the bastard son of a minor Italian noble. At a young age he showed an aptitude for understanding machines. At the tender age of thirteen, he stole into the home of his father, altered a clock there function as an explosive device, and stole away with a great sum of money. Having taken revenge on a father who never acknowledged him, Cagliostro traveled across New Europa to learn the art of engineering. Sadly, while he proved to be a skilled mechanic he showed little of the imaginative prowess needed for invention. The best he could manage was tinkering with existing blueprints and creations. After a nearly a decade of studying and failing to invent anything new and worthwhile, Cagliostro found his funds depleted.

Calling himself a Count, Iglio turned to crime to finance his further education. At first, he settled for repairing and preparing machines for minor criminals but his skills soon attracted the attention of the World Crime League. There, he was able to rise in the ranks and gained a reputation as a man who could take any stolen machine or blueprint and turn it into a deadly weapon. Cagliostro gained a twisted form of the fame he sought when he took Elrich Clockmaker’s clockwork servants and transformed them into clockwork assassins! Fortunately, his plans to assassinate several heads of state, including Queen Victoria, Emperor Napoleon the Third, and King Ludwig II were foiled.

Having stolen from Herr Clockmaker once, it seems Cagliostro intends to do so again, this time seeking to kidnap Lady Cecily.


Count Iglio Cagliostro

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