Wild Child Raised by Capuchin Monkeys


X.P.: 0


  • Great Animal Speech (Cups)
  • Great Perception (Pentacles)
  • Great Tinkering (Pentacles)
  • Good Athletics (Wands)
  • Good Comeliness (Cups)
  • Good Physique (Wands)
  • Good Stealth (Wands)
  • Poor Education (Pentacles)
  • Poor Exchequer (Swords)
  • Poor Social Graces (Swords)

Health: 6
Improvement Points: 3

Possessions: The simple school uniform she wears.

Languages: French (N)


Ann’s parents were part of a missionary group sent to South America, specifically Peru. The compound she stayed at was attacked by a group of raiders claiming to be unhappy with the interlopers on their lands but in fact they were just thugs. Ann got away because she had luckily wandered off as young children do when parents take their eyes off them. She was adopted by a group of Capuchin Monkeys. Years later she was “rescued” by a group of explorers who took her back to France where she was force to learn as a proper Frenchwoman. While at the orphanage where she was forced to learn reading and writing, she found she was more comfortable tinkering with anything mechanical. One day she followed an interesting steam powered unicycle down the street until she reached a train which she stowed away on trying to get a look at the engine. Unable to depart the train she decided to keep going and managed to get as far as Vienna without being caught.


  • To Find her place within this strange human world


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