The Return of Castle Falkenstein

Two decades ago Tom Olam was spellnapped by a sorcerer and a Faerie King. He traveled through time and space to an alternate, Victorian world where fact, fiction, and fantasy co-existed. A gamer at heart, Tom turned his adventures in this new world into a roleplaying game which he arranged to have delivered to an old friend back home by "Faerie Express". The legendary Mike Pondsmith and his company, R. Talsorian published Tom's game in our world as Castle Falkenstein. Seven books, including the core rules, were published before the line went silent for a time. The thing is, though, not everything Tom Olam sent to our world was published. Plenty of material was carefully stored away, awaiting transcription. Fat Goblin Games was happy to volunteer for the job. Being gamers at heart ourselves, we couldn't just publish the material. We had to play it. Hence, the grand adventure documented here. 

Our Players come together across the globe through the wonders of the internet. Text is recorded on this miraculous site while (add information about finding audio/video here). Join us, as after decades we return to the world of New Europa. 

Castle Falkenstein and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of R. Talsorian Games, Inc.

High Adventure in the Steam Age

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