The Todesco Family

Noble Viennese family


Baron Eduard von Todesco and his wife, Baroness Sophie von Todesco are members of the Viennese nobility. They married in 1845 and gained their titles in 1869 during reforms in which Emperor Franz Joseph I elevated several wealthy Jewish families to the peerage.

The Baron and his wife own an estate, the Palais Todesco. The Baroness hosts a rather famous salon in the residence. Attendees have included Alexander Freiherr von Bach, Eduard von Beauernfeld, and Johann Straus.

The Baron and Baroness have four children: Anna, Gabrielle, Hermann, and Franziska. Three are currently married and living elsewhere. Franziska (less formally called Fanny by the family) has recently moved back into the Palais Todesco with her children. Rumor has it Fanny and her husband, Baron Henry de Worms, are currently suffering from marital difficulties.


The Todesco Family

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