Mlle Penneg

Brownie spy for the Second Compact



  • Great Great Works (Pentacles)
  • Great Perception (Pentacles)
  • Great Stealth (Wands)
  • Good Marksmanship (Wands)
  • Good Craftsmanship [Great Counterfeiting (Pentacles)
  • Good Courage (Cups)
  • Good Glamour (Cups)
  • Good Tinkering [Great Security (Pentacles)]
  • Good Education [Great Languages (Pentacles)]
  • Poor Physique (Wands)
  • Poor Fencing (Wands)
  • Poor Exchequer (Swords)
  • Poor Physician (Pentacles)
  • Poor Sorcery (Pentacles)

Health: 5
Improvement Points: 2 of 6 remaining

Possessions: Almost nothing of value, but a cherished collection of odds and ends that have meaning to her: a few rocks and pebbles, feathers, small pieces of driftwood, fancy but mismatched buttons, a half-empty perfume bottle, an ornate but cracked signet ring, a blue porcelain thimble.

Languages: French (N), Latin, German, English

Win official recognition of the principle of equality among all Faeries — no more “Lesser” and “Greater.”

See Adélaïde obtain success and popularity as the Master Sorcerer and preeminent Society entertainer I know her to be.

Help establish a lasting peace in New Europa for all races — Faerie, Human, Dwarven, Draconic.


Heavily encrypted and magically encoded.

Dear Euphemios,

I’m sorry that I have let time get away from me; Mortals move at such a restless pace nowadays, much worse than in our youth. Much has passed since our last exchange a few years ago.

You will remember that I had been working as a stage hand for our friend Louis Comte, then for his protégées, Marie Béchard and her daughter Adélaïde after his death. All this time, I also acted as His Majesty’s agent when called upon. The game’s pace has picked up since the events that led to the Second Compact, and I now scurry to and fro in service as a spy.

After all, who would suspect a mere korrigan [Breton Brownie]? My great Perception, Stealth, and ability to perform Great Work have made me valuable to the Second Compact. I think it fair to say I show good Courage, Glamour, Marksmanship, Craftsmanship and Tinkering abilities as well, and I am especially gifted in Counterfeiting and my ability to outdo Security measures. Though my Education is unremarkable, I am also reasonably good with Languages.

I am no d’Artagnan, however: my Fencing is as poor as my Physique. Moreover, although I am quite adept at fixing anything on or behind the stage that needs repair, I hope my Mistress never has to rely on me as a Physician. I do not understand Mortals’ physiognomy anymore than a Faerie can understand Sorcery (except His Majesty, of course), and I still weep when I think of Mistress Marie’s terrible death from fire.

Even Faerie age, however imperceptibly to Mortals, and you and I have known each other for so long that you would see me changed these days. I have always been scrawny, but I now have a limp and favour my left side. I am no more fashion-minded than I ever was and wear no-nonsense work clothes, a green woollen bonnet, and a grey apron.

I still travel with Mistress Adélaïde Béchard, now an increasingly famous magical performer, as her assistant and one-brownie stage crew. The arrangement serves as a convenient cover for my work on behalf of the Second Compact, but as a long time family friend it would break my heart if I had to choose between young Adélaïde and my orders. I have known her since she was a child, and before that her mother was a dear friend to me.

And now I must confess something important to you, because I would not have any secrets or lies between us; I beg you to keep this our private understanding. Over the years I have become convinced that Fairy society needs modernizing; I am now (secretly) a sympathizer with MALFR, the Movement for Advancement of the Lesser Faerie’s Rights, pushing for recognition of the Lesser Faerie’s rights to self-determination.

You know my name means “stubborn”; I expect I will need all the determination in my power in order to get the so-called Greater Faeries to recognize our value and our rights. I hope you will be sympathetic to our cause, or at least not oppose it outright.

Picture from Larry MacDougall: More Brownies and Leprechauns

Mlle Penneg

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