High Adventure in the Steam Age

Vienna waits for Me...

Diary Entry: Adelaide Bechard







I thought the only thing I'd need to dread this week was whether or not the Todesco's and their guests would enjoy my performance and recommend me to a more fashionable clientele.  I shouldn't have spent so much on my scarlett and violet, sequinned and feather covered headdress, but it will look absolutely beautiful when Pierre flies overhead and swoops around me, the audience will not be able to tell where I end and he begins. Magical theater is just as much about tricking and amazing the eye as it is about using actual magic. I have to save my energies for the larger, more flashy tricks, its true.

I arrived a few days ago and was given the most comfortable and clean quarters with a beautiful view of the fashionable ladies strolling the streets in the most elegant green, pink, and gold silks and ribbons I've ever seen.  For being such a metropolitan area, I couldn't help but be impressed at how clear air feels here, there is something robust and healthy about this city that Paris lacks, but I thought it lacked a bit of mystery and danger that I love about Paris.  

I met a few renowned personages that the lady Todesco must like to collect (including myself). I'm not offended, I'd rather be interesting and infamous than part of noble family that forces me to marry against my will. Money is a necessary evil, but I'd rather be penniless on the street than lose my freedom to choose my own destiny. 

I find that this desire is something I share with Henri Glass; I personally find her trim and fitted male suits alluring and powerful on her, but I know I'm not as brave as her to completely shred my feminine trappings and trimmings. I hate my corset and sometimes wish I could set it afire and have Pierre, my phoenix carry it away for me, but alas I know that I have a hard enough time building my performing reputation after what happened to my mother. She offered to teach me some of her fighting moves if we survive our current adventure. I may just take her up on that, I'm curious about this medicine ball she talks of training with. I do admit I'm a bit intimidated by her prescence but she's definitely a character I want to have on my side. 

Then there is Dr. Cannaver….he is the exact opposite of Henri when it comes to physique and athletic ability. I believe he must have some kind of chronic ailment, he loses his breath through very minimal exertion, but I find he makes up for this with his quick wits and confidence. He proved today when we were stealing the ledger than if you believe in your own performance 100%, you can convince almost anyone of anything. 

Our adventure began this morning over coffee and pastry…the Viennese are renowned for their pastries, an I had the most delectable peach danish this morning. Penneg enjoyed it, but wished that her Brownie cousins had made it instead of human hands. I still am of the opinion that nothing compares to a fresh baked baguette with a cup of hot coffee in the morning. We were all exchanging pleasantries when all of a sudden, walks in the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Not a single blemish or feature out of place, almost too perfect. 

We heard a man screaming and went to investigate. A dwarf was being beaten by a pack of hoodlums. I was scared, but I forced myself to think on my feet and conjure up a confusion spell while Henri and the Doctor helped to fight the thugs. We managed to stop them from their nefarious intentions on the gentleman, whom we discovered to get a reowned inventor and tinkerer. We found out later (though our own investigations), that his beautiful lady friend was actually a clockwork creation of his that he was to unveil at the Todesco's ball this evening. 

After much coaxing on the part of Penneg and the Dr., we were able to find out that Cecily was taken by a rival mastermine, Count Navarre. I saw him get into a cab with Cecily, he was indeed quite menacing and yet attractive I hate to admit. I do love a man with an elegant cape, probably the theatricality of it reminds me of the male magicians I work with. 

I am writing this currently as we race aross the city and the cobblestone streets, causing my words to be quite messy and shaky. I hope we aren't too late to stop whatever vile intentions he has toward's Cecily. I wonder what happened to her to cause her to willingly go with the count? I wonder if he somehow found a way to alter her inner workings or could she possibly have gone with him of her own will? The craftsman that made her said her mind was that of a child. I hope we will be in time to save this innocent creature, whatever she truly is. I must say I am quite fascinated with the concept of combining magicks with clockwork, the opportunities seems endless. 

I what wonder my father, Louis, god bless his soul, would think of the progress of our age and the ability to transcend the limitations of magic and machinery by combining them both together? The mind boggles, but such queries must wait until we finish our current adventure. 


JGray kristycutsforth

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