High Adventure in the Steam Age

The Clockwork Lady Incident, Coda

With Count Cagliostro's plot foiled the summer season continues on. The four Dramatic Characters remain the guests of the von Todesco family. Two weeks after the masquerade ball, the Professor vanished, leaving behind only a note giving his best regards to the others suggesting he felt it was time for him to move on.


Adélaïde finds herself in demand and performs twice more during the month of August. More than one young gentleman comes calling for her as well. Approximately one week after the masquerade ball a package arrives for the young sorceress. A note reveals it to be from Count Navarre, with his compliments from one practitioner of the Art to another. Inside the package is a thin book entitled "The Skull of Saint Nicholas". A quick read indicates it to be a spell book containing three new spells. Or, rather, four. For scribbled into the margins is another spell: Illusions of the Mind and Body, obviously copied from the Freemason's secret lorebook, "History and Secret Knowledge" (CF pg. 199).


Henri is not as sought after as Adélaïde but she does have suitors of a different sort. Only a few days after the masquerade ball she is kidnapped off the street and stuffed into a sack (and it took several men to accomplish this task to be sure!). Henri was transported somewhere and, when the sack was removed, found herself in a dark warehouse. A ring had been set in the middle of the empty building and a good two dozen men and women, all quite obviously physically gifted, were present. This, one woman explained, was the Vienna branch of the Pan-Europan Society of Fisticuffs. The rules were quite simple. The society met once per month and were known by the pin of a purple fist they wore somewhere on their person. During the meeting, lots were drawn. The member to draw two highest numbers stepped into the ring and the battle began. When one fighter was rendered unconscious he or she was dragged from the ring and the next highest number entered. The fight continued this way until only one member present was conscious. That night, Henri was inducted.


Each night you remained in Vienna, a different song bird came to your window and sang to you. While it is obvious the birds were Glamoured, you have been unable to determine who is sending them to your window or why they might do so.


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