High Adventure in the Steam Age

Excerpts from a Treatise on the Proper Due Deserved by Brownies

The following is an excerpt from a pamphlet entitled The Proper Due Deserved by Brownies, written by Mademoiselle Danielle Bendit, a member of the Teuz subspecies of Brownie. The pamphlet was published by the Movement for Advancement of the Lesser Faerie's Rights (MALFR) and has been translated from the original French.

As is commonly known by many, if not all, we Brownies are incapable of receiving gifts. Indeed, it is written deep into our very natures that to be given any sort of gift is to insult us and drive us away. Thus, the chores we do we do for love of the work. We ask not for wages and bonuses but simply for regard by those for whom we labor.

However, our humility and affection for good, hard, honest labor should not be an invitation for those of higher station, be they human or Faerie, to trod upon us as if with boots of iron! Nor is it grounds for those for whom we work to claim our deeds for their own. Indeed, my brothers and sisters, just the opposite is true!

I say to you, words are not a gift! They are not wages nor compensation but our simple due as the backbone of so much of the world economy. To be blunt, my brothers and sisters, we deserve to be given explicit credit for that which we craft or produce. I imagine I can hear the grumbling and cries of astonishment such a statement produces among out kind but let me be clear. It is a modern world and we must be modern Faeries in it. 

Thus, I propose, we demand one simple concession from the humans and Faerie Lords for whom we toil. We must demand that, whenever possible, we be named and given full credit for our work. Did Brownies help produce a bottle of wine? Their names should be listed clearly on the label for the world to read. Did Brownies work overnight to craft a stage for the latest production of Hamlet? Their names should be clearly listed in the program. 

Such words would cost the world little but ink and paper space but they would serve our people well.


JGray JGray

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